Senin, 09 September 2013

Kinokawa : A Japanese Hidden Gem

Hello everyone,

How was your weekend? I hope everyone rested well :) Last week on Wednesday, one of my colleague treat me and my other colleague for lunch and she let me choose the restaurant. Isn't she just nice? I was craving for Japanese food the day before, so I went to search high and low for an authentic Japanese food that serves really good chirashi and sashimi. So, based on the recommendation from my fellow IG friend, we went to Kinokawa Japanese. It's not far from where I work, and I heard they serve very nice sushi and sashimi. And boy, we had such a sumptuous lunch that day!

The place is located in an office building in Thamrin area, you can easily access the restaurant from the parking lot on the 8th floor. The place surely is a hidden gem, it is small and authentic. You can really tell that the restaurant has been there for quite sometime. For lunch they have limited menus, such as varieties of donburi, sushi, and sashimi. So we went and ordered the 2 portion Sashimi Teishoku (148K each) and Nigiri Sushi (142K). It is quite pricey, but you get what you paid for.

The sashimi was amazing. They were super fresh and delicious! If you are a sashimi lover, you should definitely give this place a go. And the Sushi were not disappoint either. They were fresh and flavorful :)
The only feedback I have for them is the service could be improved a little and some staff are lack of knowledge. Other than that my dining experience was a hit! Please enjoy the pictures :)

Our 2 bowl full of Sashimi. Oops the first one is almost finished :p

 All menus come with a bow of gohan (rice) and miso soup. The soup was really nice too :)

And at the end of your meal, each of you will get free ice cream for dessert. You can choose ogura, lime, orange, or green tea. Yeay!
Final verdict : will I come back? Yes, definitely!

Menara Thamrin 8th Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 3
Phone : 021-3158877

xoxo, Jessica

Senin, 02 September 2013

Mango Tree Bistro : Lovely Thai

Hello everyone,

How was your weekend? I hope yours is as excited as mine was. I was all grumpy last Friday, because it happened that I have to work on a Sunday last weekend. But, in the end last Sunday was very exciting for me. I feel so blessed having invited for a tea time at Otel Lobby and dinner at Mango Tree Bistro. Both in Epicentrum, Kuningan. This post is dedicated for Mango Tree Bistro, a intricately designed restaurant with extensive Thai food menu. Thai food is one of my most favorite food, ever.

It was my mom actually who introduce me to the owner of Mango Bistro. She is a super nice person, with a humble heart who will appreciate your opinions on the food even though I'm certainly not a food critic and can only cook simple meal :)

Last Sunday, the owner hosted a dinner for 25 people and I was lucky to be among the lovely people invited to the event. The food was served non stop, until we filled up and stuffed. In total there where about 9 to 10 dishes served that night, but I only managed to take pictures of less than 10, I guess.
All I can say is, it was one memorable night. Good time, good food, good people. Can't get any better than that!

We were seated at the long table for dinner, but later on we moved to the semi outdoor area for teas and dessert. I love the ambiance the chandelier created.

The backside of the Bistro, it's a semi alfresco style, but don't worry they have air conditioner and comfy cushions and carpeted floor. I fell in love with this place immediately after i stepped my foot on the carpet <3

Now, on to the food. The first thing I noticed about the food here is that they're all carefully thought of. The beautiful platting, the garnish, condiments, seasoning, and all menus come with their own dressing or dip. They are really doing it super seriously. And as the owner explained, all chefs including herself were trained in Bangkok for weeks until they have mastered the cooking methodology. Another jaw dropping fact :)

The first to be served is none other than the famous Tom Yum Goong with fresh squids and mushrooms. There are many variations of this dish, this one has pretty light broth but super tasty and spicy. Sip them slowly to appreciate the taste. The squids was juicy and fresh.

When they brought out the Pad Thai, I was amazed. it was so beautifully presented. And the taste was so refreshing, with super big fat juicy shrimps.

This is one of the staple menu in Thai food. The chicken basil or Gra Praw in Thai. This is my personal favorite, I often cook them at home myself. This one is tasty, but I've tasted better to be honest.

Mango Tree sampler consists of Chicken wrapped with pandan leaves, some fish cakes and wontons.

Grilled beef neck, juicy and succulent. The dipping was divine :) One of my favorite that night.

 Blackpepper chicken. Tasted average, I prefer the Lemongrass Chicken down below :)

Lemongrass Chicken. Loved this!

Thai cassava was tender and cooked perfectly. Love the dipping sauce too. Not overly sweet.

Mango sticky rice, durian sticky rice, and sangkaya all in the same plate. Major love :)

I'm sorry for not being able to put the price of every dish, but most of the main course starts at 40K and up to above 100K for fish menu. For me it is quite affordable considering the food, the ambiance, and the top notch service. All waiter has knowledge on the food and have been trained extensively. 
If you love Thai food, you ahead and visit this place. My personal favorite menu in Mango Tree Bistro is Their Lemongrass Chicken and Grilled beef neck. How about you?

Thanks for reading,
xoxo, Jessica