Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

My cooking : Fried Banana Choco Spring Roll

Hello everyone,

I love road side snack, i always have. One of my cravings that always comes and go is my craving for crispy banana chocolate spring roll or we call it "Piscok" or "Pisang Aroma (Fragrant Banana)", usually sold on a push cart at road side in daytime. The push cart looks like this :

So, to satisfy my craving and to create a healthier version, last Saturday i tried to cook myself my own Piscok.

Pisang Aroma/Piscok
Ingredients :
4 ripe bananas (i prefer raja or very ripe cavendish banana) --> sliced in halves
8 spring roll skin (readily available at frozen section in supermarket)
Chocolate sprinkles
1 egg
Frying oil (i use palm oil)

Directions :
1. Take 1 sheet of spring roll skin Put the banana and sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles, roll and glue the end of spring roll skin with egg.
2. Fry in hot oil over medium heat until golden brown and serve.

Here are the steps in photos :)
 Step 1 : The preparation
 Step 2 : Ready to fry

Step 3 : The frying session

Step 4 : Enjoy with your favorite drink

I hope you try this at home. This recipe is super easy, and so yummy, i bet your family will enjoy. Cheers :)


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