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Indonesisch Specialiteiten at Djadjanan Djawa, Setiabudi

Hello everyone,

Sometime ago I bought a coupon from one of those website specialized in having promotion for dining, beautifying yourself, and so many other things. The coupon I bought was priced at 59K for 2 main courses (selected items only) + 1 Dessert (iced campur/mixed fruits) + 2 Iced/Hot Tea, which sound like a good deal to me. I hit the buy now button right away.

I have a full time job and everyday at lunch, me and my colleagues sometimes have no idea where to eat. So, yesterday i had the chance to use my coupon.

Djadjanan Djawa is located in Setiabudi Building, it is a newly opened restaurant with a traditional Indonesian menu. The design of the place was simple and quite modern, despite the traditional food they were offering. We arrived a few minutes before 12, and we were one of the first lunch customer to arrive. So I picked a table by the window, with the best lighting for picture taking.

 The cute traditional lamp :) i dunno whether it works as a real lamp. But it is super cute <3

 The corner
 The half opened kitchen
The menu has a really vintage feel. And all menu comes with pictures, so you know exactly what you'll be getting :)
Dessert : Iced with mixed fruits. This one is pretty decent, it has dragon fruit, some avocados, melon and sour strawberry in it. Refreshing. Normal Price 15K
 Main course 1 : Nasi Langi (Rice with chicken cooked in coconut milk, some shredded egg omelette, and tempe with chilli). Normal Price : 35K
My expat colleague ordered this and she keeps saying "this is nasi langit, as in sky" hehe....too cute :). Her verdict was : the chicken is too big, it tasted bland. She didn't finish her meal, that says a lot.
Main course 2 : Nasi Uduk Komplit (rice cooked with coconut milk with fried chicken, soy sauced tofu+tempe, some fried bee hoon and chili) . Normal Price : 37K. This one is acceptable, but not really special. And we also got 2 hot tea for free (cost 6K each)

Overall verdict : For the coupon price, I don't mind coming back when I'm out of idea for lunch since is strategically located nearby my office. But that's about it. Service was okay, I have no complain about that.

Djadjanan Djawa
Unit A205, First Floor Setiabudi One
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 62
Jakarta Selatan


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