Kamis, 08 Agustus 2013

Top 10 Bangkok Must Eat

Hello everyone,

How was your day? I hope everything went well for you guys. For the past two years I've been going to Bangkok, Thailand quite often. From those trips, I find Thai Food is very tasty and I love Thai food. You don't have to look for a good Thai food in a fancy restaurant, road side food cart will do the trick.

In Bangkok they have a huge selection of local snack sold in a push cart, most of them is delicious. And listed down below is at least 10 food / drink you must eat while you're in Bangkok. You can find these anywhere, local street side vendor, restaurants, food court in the shopping malls. And they are dangerously addictive :) So please keep reading and scrolling down! I hope you enjoy your stay.

The refreshing "Thai Iced Tea"

The Savory "Boat Noodle Soup"

The Sweet "Mango Sticky Rice"

The Super Tasty "Somboon Fried Curry Crab"

The Street Style "Pad Thai"

The juicy "Pineapple Fried Rice"

The Famous "Coconut Ice Cream"

The tangy "Tom Yam Goong"

 The super tangy and sour "Som Tham / Mango Salad

Minced pork with basil leaf / Pad Kra Praw

If you have any favorite Thai food that you can not find on the list, please comment on the box below :) Thanks for staying with me on this post. Stay tune!


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  1. Durian with sticky rice is an ultimate happiness for durian lovers XD