Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

Tjap Toean : Melayu Tionghoa Style Kopitiam

Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks ago, on a weekend, I had the chance to visit one new addition of an old Kopitiam family. It's called Tjap Toean, located in Plaza Indonesia just outside the Food Hall Supermarket.

It was early in the morning that day, the mall was still empty. We were the first attendees of the restaurant on that day, I guess. Tjap Toean serves Indonesian and Peranakan food. They have quite wide selection of menu, from laksa to nasi lemak, all kinds of toasts with filling, snacks such as bakcang,

Their menu looks like a piece of old morning paper, and they have it in old spelling such as Gang Kantjil for freshly squeezed orange juice. Cute :)

I love the concept and design of the place. The restaurant feels like an old Chinese heritage home, a colorful one tho. All the furniture has a vintage feel and they did a good job on the lighting which really brings it all together. There is also an open kitchen, where you can see how they work on your toast and drinks.

 The cutlery, and something to call the waiter with. Super cute :)

The long table, if you happen to have a party coming. I adore the birdcages hanging on the ceiling. they give me a throwback to the 80's, as I grew up in my grandma's house in the China town area. This place feels like home to me.

The coffee table area, where you can hang out with your loved ones, having afternoon tea and some toasts :)

Some old collections of miniature cars. 

My order of Iced Tea Tarik. Pretty decent. Cost around 20K

Ordered Nasi Babah as the main course. This one was okay. But the portion was a bit small. They definitely can work on that :) Cost around 30++K

Overall verdict : I really like the design and the comfy level of this restaurant. The food was okay, portion is small. Price point is a bit high, with a 15% tax charged to my bill. Will I come back? maybe.


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