Kamis, 29 Agustus 2013

Yo Panino : Tailor Your Own Sandwich

Hello everyone,

I love Instagram. I do. I can devour myself in luscious food pictures and beautiful people. One day I spotted Wulan Guritno, one of Indonesia's famous celebrity ensemble a mouthwatering sandwich right on the stove. Later I found out that the sandwich place is called Yo Panino and it's so close to where I work. Located in Plaza Indonesian Extension, the decor is bright and colorful, slim chance that you will miss them when you pass by. Yo Panino is originally from Singapore, it's a place where you can tailor your own sandwich to suit your appetite.

Here are the steps :
1. Choose your sandwich and sides

There are so many types of sandwich you can select. Our orders that day was Grilled Chicken Sandwich (35K), Angry Prawns (63K), and Tuna Mayo (43K). You can make a combo by adding another 15K for value combo or 30K for premium combo. You will get selections of side dishes and drinks to go with your sandwich. Side dishes selections are Java Slaw (coleslaw with peanut sauce, I didn't like it), Fries, and Cookie. If you are not that hungry opt for the cookie!

2. Choose your bread
    There are 4 types of bread : Multigrain, Turkish Pide, Brioche, Farmhouse Artisan.

I chose turkish pide which is chewy and flavorsome, while my friend  chose brioche which is a bit sweet and has very soft texture.

3. Choose you veggies

All veggies are free of charge so go ahead eat your greens!

4. Choose your sauce/dressing

5. Go ahead pay your sandwich and have a seat. They will bring your sandwich to you :)

And you can get a free cookie if you follow Yo Panino and mention them in your tweet! I got two cookies that day. My favorite is the almond cookie. It was so good! :) A fresh crisp cookie with the right amount of sweetness and a heavenly smell of cinnamon. LOVE. Maybe I'll go back for their cookies soon!

Will I come back? Yes, I want to try all the bread and cookies! Thanks for staying with me on this post. Till then :)

xoxo, Jessica

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