Jumat, 23 Agustus 2013

Jun Njan - Urban Kitchen Plaza Indonesia

Hello everyone,

Most of you must have already heard of Jun Njan, the famous chinese restaurant that has been around since 1956. Wow, if they have survived for more than 50 years in such a rough competition, they must serve good food that lure people to keep coming back. And today, my colleagues and I went to Jun Njan in Urban Kitchen at Plaza Indonesia to have lunch. I think the plus point about Urban Kitchen is the fact that they have many varieties of menus and the design of the this food court deserves a compliment. It has a vintage feeling which I like. The minus point is the circulation of the air/exhaust, you have to carefully pick your seat location otherwise you will smell like cooked food for the rest of the day :(

Now onto the food, we ordered the lunch package which already include rice, selections of meat, and iced/hot tea. Price is pretty affordable, ranging from 34K - 56K. This time we decided to order these menus:

Chicken with butter sauce (Ayam goreng saus mentega). One of Jun Njan classic. Crispy juicy chicken in butter sauce 38K.

Rice with roast duck (Nasi Bebek Panggang) 43K. Acceptable, my colleague finished everything.

Rice with black pepper beef. This one is pretty decent, cost around 49K.

This last one is one of my favorite. Rice with Jun Njan special tofu (38K). Yummy. And also in the picture is Anomali Coffee Blended drink "Banana Toffee" also one of my fave from Anomali.
Notes : Anomali coffee is having a buy 1 get 1 free promotion if you are a Mandiri card holder, valid until end of 2013.

Final Verdict : I think the lunch package from Jun Njan is affordable and a good value for money. The taste is decent although is not mind blowing. My favorites are the Jun Njan special squid and the special tofu. Do give them a visit! I hope you enjoy reading this post. Till then :)


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  1. They made their own tofu isn't it?

    1. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

    2. Yes they do! Thanks for dropping by. I love your blog :)