Kamis, 08 Agustus 2013

Johnny Rockets : The serve burger and they dance!

Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to say Happy Lebaran for each and everyone of you who are celebrating :)
Earlier this afternoon, I went to Lotte Shopping Avenue, a newly opened shopping mall in Jakarta. The traffic was really enjoyable, a rare scene in Jakarta. But mall on the other hand, was very crowded. We were so hungry and all the restaurants there are full. Suddenly I remembered about Johnny Rocket, a burger specialist. We hurried there, and there are only a few seats available. The restaurant decor is so colorful with a touch of 80's vibe with the big colorful jukebox and red leather seats and some steel stool at the bar.
Oh, they even have a special dancing performance every 15 minutes by all the waiters. The song is very upbeat and fun too :)

At that time, they ran out of burger buns. Next delivery is scheduled at 4 PM, so I opted for the sourdough bread instead of the old fashioned burger bun. So my order was the Route 66 sandwich to be exact :)

Let the pictures do the talking :)

 The Entrance

The open kitchen / dining bar

The Colorful and Fun Menu

The Route 66 Burger (I changed the burger bun with sourdough bread) IDR : 81K

They serve the ketchup in a smiley :)

Famous Rocket Wings IDR 50K

And for drinks we ordered the Nestea Lemon Tea IDR 22,5K each. Non refillable. Sad.

Final verdict : I think Route 66 is one of the best burger I've ever had. But price wise it is expensive. Will I come back? Yes, but not regularly though haha.


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