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Saturday Big Bites : Kopitiam Oey & Sate Babi Krekot

Hello everyone.

Last weekend my elder sister and husband who live abroad, came to Jakarta for a few days and wanted to try a lot of Indonesian food, street style. So on saturday, I took them around to have some good food :)

At first we make a stop at Kopi Oey, a small kopitiam owned by a famous food critic Mr. Bondan Winarno at Jalan Sabang. I only took pictures of the food, but the place has old pattern tiles floor and old photos. All the props they have hanging on the wall or displayed in the cabinet looks quite old too.
My sister wanted to try the Kopi Talua 20K. Basically it's traditional black coffee, sugar, and egg yolk. She quite liked it.

I ordered Ice Kopi Sisiliana 17K, which is ice black coffee with sugar. Simple, refreshing and kept me awake till very late at night. Sigh.

We also ordered the grilled banana with chocolate and cheese, the banana is ripe and sweet. But nothing really special about it.

After having a coffee break, we went to have dinner at Pecenongan area. Along the street you can see a stretch of vendors selling food at night time only. You can find seafood, Chinese food, Indonesian food, and so many other things. Not to mention the famous Martabak (Indonesian pancake). But most of them are street side food, so do not put high expectation on cleanliness and service. We had our dinner at Sate Babi Krekot (pork satay), it was full of people that night, so we queued for 10 minutes before we finally got a table.

We ordered 15 pork satay, there are few varieties of satay : lean pork meat, pork liver, pork skin, sweetened pork meat, pork intestines. So choose which ever you like. They also serve a good Soup Bakut (pork ribs in clear soup with some pickled veggie). The soup taste sour and tasty. Very refreshing.

The famous pork satay (cost around 4K a piece)

The Soup Bakut Sayur Asin (forgot how much it cost btw)

I didn't really check the bill but the meal for 4 persons cost us for almost 200 thousand (including 2 avocado juice). It was a wholesome dinner. The Bakut Sayur Asin came as a winner that night. The soup is so flavorsome, I loved it. After dinner we went to buy the famous sweet martabak and egg martabak nearby. My tummy couldn't be happier :)
Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for some more good food to come :)

Kopi Oey
Jalan H. Agus Salim 18, Jakarta Pusat
Opening hours : Start from 7AM for breakfast till 10 PM

Sate Babi Krekot
Jl. Pecenongan Raya, opposite to Alila Hotel
Opening hours : start at 5.30 PM till midnight

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