Rabu, 28 Agustus 2013

Quickreview Chandara : Fine Thai Cuisine

Hello everyone,

How was your day? I just wanted to do a quick review. Since I didn't really take pictures of the interior of the restaurant and all. But the food was good, I feel like I need to share with you all. Last night me, mom, and my auntie went to have dinner at Chandara in Plaza Indonesia. They serve fine Thai cuisine. And I must admit their Thai food is one of the best I've tasted in Jakarta so far. Last night's dinner was very tasty and such a pleasure for my tastebud. Price wise they are on the expensive side, being located in one of the most upscale mall in Jakarta. But I tell you, the food and service were not disappoint. Usually when I want to know whether a Thai food restaurant serves good and authentic food is to order some of world widely known Tom Yum and Pad Thai. So that's exactly what I did last night.

Tom Yam Goong (with King Prawn) 60K. Super yummy soup! Tangy, sour, tasty, spicy!

Very nice Pad Thai (65K) sour, sweet, tasty, refreshing!!!

And for the drink I ordered the Butterfly Pea tea (20K), from the herbal tea range. Taste just like your normal green tea. The color was very interesting though.

We also ordered the grilled chicken (Gai Yang) 60K, unfortunately I forgot to take picture of it because I was so busy eating haha. If you love Thai food, this place is definitely worth visiting. Oh, they also charge a 10% tax and another 7,5% for service. So get ready to have some extras on your bill.

Thanks for reading and staying with me on this post. Have a good day readers :)


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