Selasa, 20 Agustus 2013

Snacking on street side : St. Theresia Church, Menteng

Hello everyone,

These past few days it has been extremely hot here in Jakarta, where the humidity also seems to be on the highest point. This condition leads me to crave for Es Podeng. Es (ice) Podeng is basically a frozen dessert made of coconut milk, sugar, and stabilizer just like an ice cream base and avocados, peanuts, chocolate milk, diced toast as toppings on top.

So, to accomplish my mission, my colleagues and I went to Menteng area, Saint Theresa Church to be exact. Other than es podeng, they also have many kinds of old school food which reminds me of my childhood memory.

These vendors below are the one I had my lunch/snack/dessert from earlier today. The plus point of this place is cheap and the varieties of food, but the minus point is the heat and no seat, so be ready for a standing party under the sun :P

1. Bakwan Kita Malang, it is a bowl of boiled and fried wontons with some meatball and tofu. Add some chili and sweet soy sauce to your bowl to taste. Yummy! 1 portion might not be enough for you. Cost 8K per bowl.

2. Cakwe Theresia (Yu Tiao as in Chinese). It is a fried dough, donut like, and serves with peanut sauce. It cost only 1K per piece. Such a cheap treat!

3. Tahu Gejrot. This dish is from Cirebon area, it's fried tofu with vinegar sauce and chili. It's unique how they make the vinegar sauce.

4. Lekker. This is a very famous snack, usually you can find the vendor selling this snack in front of schools. It is a thin crispy pancake with chocolate and cheese filling, but nowadays they improvise by adding banana to the filling. Nom nom nom!

5. Ice (Es) Podeng. This is the one I was craving for. A sweet coconut based ice cream with lots of toppings. So refreshing on a super hot days! Cost 7K per glass

6. Last one. Kue Ape. It's a traditonal Indonesian pancake, which is crispy on the edges and soft and dense on the inside. It is flavored with pandan paste. Cost only 1,5K per piece. If you haven't try it yet, you definitely should :)

There are so many types of snack along the street in front of the church, will review on them later. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this post. If you have any favorite snack, please do write down in the comment box below :) Till then.


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