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Koultoura Coffee : Get struck by the caffeine thunderbolt!

Hello everyone,

Last Monday night i went to the much raved coffee shop in Greenville area. I arrived at around 8 pm, and noticed a sign board outside that they close at 9. So in a hurry we went inside. When I opened the door, right away I saw quite a crowd and busy people behind the counter. The inside was furnished with wooden chair and table, the floor was made of cement, and gave a feeling of unfinished construction. I love every bits of it :)

We sat on the long wooden sofa nearby the mural painting, it's a huge seat for just the two of us. I found the design of the chair is to low from the floor. A bit uncomfortable, but I'll manage.

A huge sign of coffee cup and thunderbolt, welcoming you coffee people 

The open kitchen and cake display. The cake price ranged from 15K for cookies, 25K (for muffins and croissant) to about 30K

The custom made coffee machine

The cute place on the serving counter

Super cute and yummy butter cookies

One of the character on the placemat

The mural painting on the wall. The characters are owl, raccoon, rabbit, and bear. Cuteness overload ;)

Our order. Pink lemonade and Cherry Rootbeer Float. Oh, and a bear cookie.
Pink Lemonade : 25K  Cherry Rootbeer : 25K. Cookie : 15K

Cute cute cute. Not only cute, it's yummy

Final verdict : A nice place to hang out if you live in the neighborhood. Price wise, it's a bit on the high side. Especially for the mains (range between 45-70K). Portion is small. But I really like their rootbeer float. I can't really say anything about the food, since I didn't try any of the mains that night. Will I come back? Yes. Will give their coffee and brunch menu next time. Till then =D

Koultoura Coffee
Taman Ratu Indah Blok AA2/33
Ph: 021-29520310
Find them on Instagram : Koultoura


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