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Bogor Makan Trip : Street Food Fiesta

Hello everyone,

How are guys doing? Enjoying the Lebaran holiday I hope. I have one week of for Lebaran, but haven't had any fixed plan on where to go or what to do on my holiday. Yesterday I was blogging, and just out of my curiosity I checked the cctv on the highways going outside of Jakarta and it was empty. So without any delay, off we go. Bogor, here we come!! Yeay!

My favorite place to eat a lot of street food is along Jalan Suryakencana. We parked on the street side, and walk our way through the a stretch of many local goodness.

The first stop was this famous Wedang Ronde GG. Aut. This is one of the best wedang ronde I've ever had in my life. For those of you who never heard of wedang ronde before, ronde is glutinous ball with peanut and sugar as the filling, and wedang is the ginger and brown sugar soup which the ronde will come swimming in.

The prep station

The famous Wedang Ronde, perfect for a rainy day. Each cost 7K.
Sagu Rangi, It's basically diced taro and soaked in sweet brown sugar soup that is thickened by some flour. Cost at 7K also. 

Our second stop is this snack shop, where you can stock up on any traditional snack you can think of. There are many kinds of chips, crackers, mochi, cookies, kropok, moon cake, anything, you name it.

The third stop is this famous ngohiang. Ngohiang is pork meat dipped in a special mixed flour and deep fired until golden brown. Ngohiang then will served with a thick brown savory sauce, some tofu, and potatoes. Yummy!! 

The Menu

The inside of this humble restaurant
The famous Ngohiang. Priced at 39K. It is quite expensive. But hey, it's legendary.
Sotomie Bakut my mom bought from next door shop. It's called Sotomie Agih. It's really good. I would definitely recommend this. Priced at 27K.
Lumpia basah khas bogor, It's like a spring roll, minus the frying session. The filling has egg, bean sprout. Priced at 9K.

After Suryakencana, we visit the famous Venus Bakery for their tiny bite size bread. I don't know why, but I find Venus bread not as good as they were many years ago. Maybe it's just me.

Well, that's all folks! Bogor is a short trip away from Jakarta, about 40KM. If you have time to kill, and don't really know where to go, go to Bogor. It's a pretty nice place to get out of your weekly trip to the mall. And the food is good and so affordable. There are many other places for good food. I will list down below with my personal opinion of the food :) Enjoy.

More on Jalan Suryakencana : 
1. Nasi Goreng Goan Tjo : Good nasi goreng
2. Soto Pak Salam (opens at 5PM) 
3. Sate Sapi Pak OO (share a stall with Nasi Goreng Goan Tjo)
4. Combro GG Aut ( in front De' Paris Bakery)

Jalan Jendral Sudirman :
1. Bakery Bogor Permai (traditonal bakery) many local snacks.
2. Toge Goreng Bogor and Siomay (just outside bakery Bogor Permai)
3. Bakmi Sahabat : famous for their yamien (noodle)

Cafe & Restaurant :
1. De'Leuit at Jl. Pajajaran : serves sundanese

There are many more places to eat actually. But those are my favorites so far. If you have any other place you love, please leave comment. The box below is all yours =D


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