Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

Best Affordable Lamian in Town : Imperial Lamian

Hello everyone,

As a regular customer at Grand Indonesia, I was happy when Imperial Lamian decided to open their second restaurant in that mall. I always go to the one in Alam Sutera Flavor Bliss, but it's really far away from where I live. I love the food at Imperial, not only that it is affordable, but most of the menu are really tasty and non pretentious.

The place was only opened for a couple of weeks now, but I already went there for 4 times haha. On average I spent around 50-75K per visit and I went home with a full and happy time every time.

The design of the restaurant is really simple and and they put a lot of plastic trees inside the restaurant. It has two open kitchen for Lamian and dimsum. Beside lamian and dimsum, they also serve other typical chinese food such as fried rice, seafood menus, and dessert. Just for a note, the food is non halal in this restaurant.
And they always have promotion on different menus every week with 30-50% OFF! Not bad :)

So, here is some of the food I had during my few visits to Imperial, enjoy!

Ca Jiang Lamian Pork 25K (on promo, normally 30K) and some BBQ Pork Platter 58K

Char Siu Lamian 35K 

This is my current fave, Salted Fish Fried Rice. Cost only 24K :)

Pig Ears in braised soy sauce. Priced at 29K

Forgot the name of this dish. But basically it's pork meat rolled in beancurd skin. Yumm!! Priced around 20K

Cakwee Seafood with mayo sauce. Priced at 20K

 Shiau May. Priced at 9K. This was on a promotion that week :)

And now they are giving free snow ice for any customer who follow their tweeter and tweeted about Imperial Lamian on their tweeter account. And that's exactly what I did haha.

I got this snow ice for free!! Woohoo!! 


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  1. Ahh, mau nyobain di GI udah buka juga kan ya? Hopefully the promotion isn't over yet

    1. Ini branch yg di GI ellyna, promonya masih valid :) Thanks for visiting.